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Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen: Reviews

Emme - We cannot thank you enough for coming to perform!  Everyone has raved about your beautiful voice and magnificent attire.. wishing I could find something as stylish for the Holidays.  We thank you and your jazz gentlemen again so very much for making our Holiday Open House one of the best yet!

N. Lundberg - Main Street Station

Thanks again for the wonderful performance in the November Theater.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews! One comment card stated that "I loved everything! Wonderful songs and so well done!  Please have her back soon!"

J. Corbitt - Westminster Canterbury

"Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen delivered an unforgettable performance as they graced the stage for their first-ever Duck Jazz Festival appearance. As the opening act, St. James set the bar high for the following acts. Her soulful voice and sophisticated atmosphere wowed the audience as she sang songs off her own albums as well as hits by other well-known jazz artists."

"Emme is a really fine vocalist and I really like what she has done with her Christmas album.  She is an up and coming vocalist and one I was quite taken with."

Jack Frieden - The Vocal Sound of Jazz - 89.5 NPR (Dec 15, 2012)

Emme was wonderful and added so much to our event.  Thank you for introducing me to her and her beautiful music!

S. Gilbert - CapStone Bank (Oct 22, 2013)

“When marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me, make me sway . . .” sang Emme St. James with the  Emme St. James and the Her Jazz Gentlemen 8/16/2012 at noon outdoors against the backdrop of downtown Richmond’s tall office buildings.  I watched a fast-walking, black-suited, red-tied executive look back over his shoulder for 12 full steps as Emme continued with “ . . . hold me close, sway me more.”

This was my first visit to the James Center Summer Concert Series – an outdoors, lunchtime, workday charm. I saw a tanned and pony-tailed construction worker, an African-garbed woman, a three-generation family of tourists (they wore tourist clothes, carried cameras, and looked and pointed), and lots and lots of white-collared business folks – some of us sitting on the granite blocks that formed the turning basin that floated ships at this location long ago, some of us milling about, some eating taco-truck lunches, some poking their smart phones, and many simply walking by towards other destinations.

“Only when you have the magic technique, when we sway I go weak,” flavored the delicious ambiance. My vote is for many such flavors at many times throughout downtown and the entire Richmond region.

The Emme St. James band was fantastic and they were every bit as professional as any group I've ever seen. Three sets of pure smooth dancing tunes!  Emme was such a pleasure to work with and her gentlemen were on top of their game.  Emme and her range of vocals, Keith on drums, Bob Bowen on bass, Royce Campbell on guitar (Henry Mancini's Guitarist for 20 yrs) and Jonathan Greenberg on horns. If people could only imagine the professionalism and the talent - it was mind blowing. I'll say it is a God Given Gift!


Emme St James and her Jazz Gentlemen regailed us with selections from the great American songbook. I noticed that the first part of their presentation consisted of songs that referenced flowers and other botanical subjects. "The Days of Wine and Roses" was followed by "On the Sunny Side of the Street". I knew the band was on a role when the garden theme continued with "Gentle Rain" and Autumn Leaves". Quotes from "Hot House", It Might As Well Be Spring" and Robin's Nest" confirmed my theory.

Emme sounded like a songbird in the garden, joyously singing her way through Cole Porter and George Gershwin classics plus a variety of Christmas songs. By the end of the evening I felt like a King in his court. surrounded by glorious beauty. Well Done!

Thirteen years ago, Emme St. James was just starting out. Now she’s a seasoned professional. With the Jazz Gentlemen joining her in the studios of Castle Croude, Emme cut exclusive tracks LIVE for us recently.  With guitar virtuoso Alan Parker and upright bassist Rusty Farmer, one take standards became the order of the day – or night if you prefer.

"Emme St. James is an amazing performer with a sophisticated stage presence and velvety-smooth vocal delivery. Combined with the musical expertise of her 'Jazz Gentlemen,' Miss St. James' show is a unique experience of intimate cabaret and ballroom elegance that attendees have not experienced in previous Shenandoah Concerts jazz shows," Huggins said."She's definitely one-of-a-kind, and her connection to Staunton makes for an extra-special experience for everyone," he said.

Emme St. James grew up in the Roanoke Valley, dreaming of becoming a jazz singer. These days, she is living her dream, based in Richmond but traveling with her act up and down the East Coast. St. James returned to Roanoke to reunite with old friends and play music from her new CD. The band swings, and St. James delivers her vocals in classic style. Go to this story at or to to hear a podcast and streaming music with St. James.

Torch singer, Emme St. James, sang from the Great American Songbook, last night at VMFA.  It was part of the  the Jazz Café, a free event open to the public every Thursday evening through September.  A couple of handfuls of swing dancers as well as a full house of listeners enjoyed the music.   Emme was appropriately sultry and game as well…danced a bit with Justin in spite of wearing 6″heels.  Good time!

I have to say Emme & her group were absolutely wonderful!  
We couldn't have been happier with them. Everything went off great and
I was very pleased with the sound and of course their professionalism.
We had many of our guests comment on how great the music was.
She was the perfect choice for our venue and we couldn't have been more pleased.
K. Dixon - The Greenbrier (Jul, 2012)

The music was great and the guests really enjoyed Emme St James and the Jazz Gentlemen. Please keep her in mind for future events here!

E. Pitard - The Homestead

It is I who is thankful that you were available to perform. I had been wanting to hear you live since I heard your sound clip on Sam Hill's website. It was such a treat for the guests, and me!

K. Loeffler - The Homestead
Thank you so much for making Dick's party truly special
and one we will never forget.
You and your "Jazz Gentlemen" were simply divine -
the entertainment could not have been any better.
On top of being drop-dead gorgeous, you have such
a wonderful way about you. It was a pleasure to
meet you and to work with you.
K. Klopp -

Wow, what a night! You were phenomenal – thank you again! I will definitely be in touch for future events!

C. Slokker - Saks Fifth Avenue
We heard such wonderful things last night about you all
so we can't thank you enough for helping us kick off this
Flowers After 5 season. I will definitely be back in touch
for future opportunities.
K. Hughes - Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

It was a great pleasure to work with you and the guys and the level of talent Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen presented, created a fabulous impact to the garden party of spring fashion.  The show received wonderful reviews with particular mention of the jazz entertainment and the talented and beautiful Emme. Each of you brought the perfect vibe and the audience enjoyed every minute!  Please know your efforts and attention to detail contributed to this highly successful event.

In many ways, you and the band made the experience so enjoyable and entertaining, from the upbeat song selection to the interactive stage presence to the effortlessly appearance of style and glam.  Such talent and expertise directly impacted the show and we remain most grateful for you participation.  Thank you very much for orchestrating an outstanding performance.


Dana Moore - Tuckahoe Woman's Club Spring Fashion Show 2012

The Harris William holiday party was probably the most successful event we have had yet with them! Emme was great and the group was the perfect fit for this crowd. We heard nothing but good feedback. Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much for the lovely entertainment. We heard nothing but great praises.

A. Coulomb - Fete Studio Event Planning

The holiday party went well. Everyone had a wonderful time. Emme St. James was just wonderful. I loved her and people seemed to enjoy her very much. I will keep her in mind for more events and will definitely recommend her. It was truly an honor to hear her beautiful voice and the wonderful talent of her band.

S. Mullins - Riverfront Plaza

I can not find the words to tell you how fabulous Emme St. James and her Jazz Gentlemen were today! Compliments just kept pouring in from the tenants and the property management. Her voice is as stunning as she is! The group was so professional and pleasant to work with. They even managed to find the perfect volume for the lobby space. Thank you, Emme and her gentleman for helping make this event so great.

M. Mullins - Executive Concierge of Virginia

Emme and Her Jazz Gentlemen added so much to the evening - absolutely perfect.  I received a lot of nice comments and look forward to having Emme join us again for future events.

G. Lewis - Bon Secours Richmond Health System
Emme St. James was AMAZING and really fit in with our evening
perfectly. We have heard nothing but fabulous remarks about her!
Shea Awad - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala 2011
Thank you and the band for doing such a wonderful job!  
I think the guests had a nice time.
The casino gaming and the jazz music complimented
each other well during the post event activities.
Bravo! Thank you for your service!
Melissa White - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala 2012
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