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Emme St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen: Blog

Happy Halloween

Posted on October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween all you jazz fans!  Hope you enjoying a fun day and have a safe evening.  Tonight we will be handing out candy with the poodle dressed in his bumblebee costume.  I can remember as a little girl anticipating Halloween so much.  We would start thinking about our costumes in the summer as it was a major decision for a child.  My mother used to make us eat dinner before we went trick-or-treating and that seemed like the longest hour of my life.  I'm excited to see the kid's costumes tonight and I know Coco will be excited to trick-or-treat too!  Happy and Safe Halloween to all!

As many of you know, autumn is my favorite season.  Not just because my birthday is in a few days (actually the first day of fall!) but because I love the crispness in the air, the sense of anticipation and excitement of the coming months and the beautiful blue sky and changing leaves.  Springtime for me is gorgeous as well, but nothing compares to fall.
Here in Virginia we are blessed to experience all four seasons and when one starts to get tiresome, another is on the way.  Our springs and falls are ones to remember.  That's why these two seasons inspired so many wonderful jazz standards along the way.  "Early Autumn", "September Song", "Autumn Leaves", "Autumn in New York" to name a few.  I hope this fall brings you a renewed spirit to get outside and enjoy nature's bounty and listen to the autumnal songs that remind us why this is such a special time of year.

Stormy Weather

Posted on August 27, 2011
I write again with the poodle in my lap while I watch Hurricane Irene's power outside my office window.  This past week we also experienced an earthquake - small in comparison to CA but still enough to frighten me and remind me that Mother Nature is still quite a force to be reckoned with.  It is that event and today's storm that reminds me how precious life is and to enjoy the many gifts that are given to us.
Music to me is one of the most precious gifts of all.  For me, making beautiful music is almost magical the way it all comes together.  Those moments when it just feels right are almost indescribable.  Music has the power to make people feel good or to feel sad; to remember a past love or a certain moment in time.  There are songs for me that put me right back to a moment growing up or a momentous event in my life.  There is music I enjoy when I am happy and then there is music I need to hear when I am feeling sad or lonely.  Music that [...]
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Jazz and Wine - a perfect pairing

Posted on July 29, 2011
Few things go together as well as jazz and wine........maybe peanut butter and chocolate or Jimmy Choos and my feet!  We celebrate and enjoy our long cultivated relationship with fine wines sipped slowly while enjoying jazz standards of yesteryear.  In this era where time is at such a premium, nothing is more enjoyable than not having to rush - to take one's time, enjoy the company of another and relish the taste of a hearty glass of vino.
Located here in Richmond VA, we are lucky to be in the heart of VA Wine country.  To our west is the lovely Cooper Vineyards with their brand new tasting room.  This modern architectural feat is completely Green and is LEED certified to prove it.  You can sip, relax and look out over the countryside while enjoying the sounds of their grand piano.  Yes - a grand piano!!!  A singer's dream!
We always go home with a bottle or two of the Coopertage in both red and white.  Their Viognier is especially delicious as well [...]
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Off to Sunny Florida!

Posted on February 7, 2011
Good morning all - it's been a while since I last wrote and lots has been happening since December.  We enjoyed a wonderful and busy holiday season and went straight to work in Jan.  We are busy working on our first show, "Sultry and Swingin'" which we will take to Vero Beach, FL on Feb. 19th.  We are so excited to travel down and perform there.  We hope this will be the start of many more shows to come and perhaps a tour!  Now we are thinking about a holiday show entitled "Santa Baby".  I guess we will have to record a CD to go along with it!
We thank you as always for your continuing support and will have lots of pictures to post when we return.  Please pray for our safe travels and we'll see you soon!

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